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Digital solutions

E-commerce solutions that simplify and streamline administration and logistics

With Tibnor’s e-commerce solutions, you simplify and streamline both administration and logistics. There are many benefits:

  • You save time through less document management, the facility to respond instantly and shorter lead times. 
  • You can rest assured that orders and call-offs are registered directly in our business system and you receive an automatic confirmation. There are fewer sources of faults and the volume of manual work processes and communication paths is reduced. 
  • You free up time for other things -if you wish, your machine operators can search for materials themselves and check availability. If you choose to communicate via EDI, you can call off/book direct via your own production system.

Tibnor’s customer portal

Buying online via Tibnor’s customer portal is easy. The product catalog is open to all. If you want to buy something, you need a login to show that you are a business customer of Tibnor. Once you have logged in, you submit your own orders or inquiries directly to our business system. You can see your price and whether the product is available for delivery. You can check order status and download order acknowledgments directly online. You will also find your consignment notes and invoices, as well as material certificates, around the clock, seven days a week.

EDI-based business system in accordance with EDIFACT

If you’re already working with an EDI-based business system, you can integrate this with ours. The link between your article numbers and ours makes it possible to transfer orders and delivery schedules instantly. You can receive order acknowledgments, notifications and invoices. Our specialists are available to contribute to an efficient, appropriate integration of the systems.

Basic EDI

You can link your business system to Tibnor’s. Orders are then placed directly in your own production system and you avoid any duplicate work. We have ready-made package solutions for many of the most popular business systems.

Punch out

With a Punch Out solution, you quickly create a purchase request in your own system, making it easy for you to make your purchase. You are integrated directly with Tibnor’s customer portal and product catalog through your own purchasing system. Product data, stock and prices are always updated. When you have placed the goods in the shopping cart, you have created your order information with your own order reference number. Check out the shopping cart and you are then ready to send your order to Tibnor.